Lebanese Wine

Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world. The Israelite prophet Hosea (780–725 BC) is said to have urged his followers to return to Yahweh so that “they will blossom as the vine, [and] their fragrance will be like the wine of Lebanon All the major wineries have their vineyards in the southern Bekaa Valley. The Bekaa Valley enjoys long dry summers, cool nights and consistent rainfall and is at an altitude of around 1,000m/3,820ft. The Bekaa has its own natural water table, courtesy of the melting snow running off the slopes of the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges –so that some grapes rarely ripen before mid, and even late, September.
Lebanese cuisine is as much about community as it is about food. As a largely plant-based cuisine, with vegetables, legumes and olive oil being the main ingredients in most of our dishes, Lebanese food is refreshing, nourishing and flavourful. 
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